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Aircraft Broker & Staff Training / 101

This is a full day course covering Aircraft Broker basics in an upbeat, fast moving and condensed fashion. This course presumes the attendee has an aviation background (ie pilot or other professional in the industry). While the title and tax issue sections focus on USA/State laws they should be beneficial for all brokers since they include concepts and terminology applicable to multiple geographic areas

  • Aviation sales industry overview
  • Broker profit centers, ethics, and commissions
  • Sales, leasing, and shared ownership alternatives
  • Step-by-step of the sales process
  • Determining aircraft values and specifications
  • Ascertaining client needs, presenting budgets and aircraft options
  • Basic Listing, Offer and Sales/Purchase Contracts
  • Title and tax basics and issues
  • Marketing to buyers, sellers, and other brokers

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    /// There Will Not Be A Class In Las Vegas 11/2015 ///