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Q.  How do we confirm a Professional's Rating is current?

A.  If a website displays the ICASP logo, it may display the highest Rating for which a principal of the business has been approved. All ICASP Rating Logos must link to the site and preferably to the Bio Page for that individual for them to be considered legitimate. Each individual receives a Rating based upon their own qualifications and not those of their Company.

Q.  When does a Rating Expire?

A.  Ratings are for a Calendar Year with a 30 day automatic extension, to January 31st. Professionals receive a reminder their Rating is expiring. At this time the verification fee for a renewal is 50% of the original verification.

Q.  How does a Professional get a Rating of "Not Rated"?

A.  Many (but not all) Professionals currently active with one of the major listing services such as JetNet, AmStat, or, or who have been noted as active for some time in industry publications may be issued a "Not Rated" rating. This is our standard rating for a professional who has not been reported to us as having transactional Code of Ethics issues. An individual who has either not been noted by ICASP, or who been Reported with transactional issues will not be listed on ICASP at all.

Q.  How would I update my contact information or have my information removed from the ICASP site?

A.  To update your contact information, or have your Rating reviewed for a higher Rating, please use the Application Form. The Application should only take a few minutes to complete (depending on the Rating requested), current fees range from $25-$75 for the review (50% for the optional renewal) and are usually completed within three business days. To remove your ICASP listing entirely, please email us with the removal request.

Q.  Why is there no link to the Company Website or Bio Page for a name on ICASP?

A.  Only individuals who have applied for a Setup of their Rating (see Application Page) will have active links. Setup is $25 for the C Rating.

Q.  How does a Professional get a Rating / Higher Rating?

A.  If they have no Rating, they may complete our Application. The C-1 Rating is $25 for the initial setup on the website; other ratings have slightly higher verification fees depending on the complexity of the verification - up to a maximum of $75. If you are a Professional and have lost your Rating due to a Transactional Code of Ethics issue please contact us - completing a new Application will not reinstate a Rating.

Q.  Can an entire company receive Ratings at one time, and is there a discount for multiple Ratings from one firm?

A.  We are happy to assist in setting up multiple employees at one time, which is often simpler to setup with a phone call. However, each individual will still be Rated according to their own merits. A company which has five or more Ratings applied for at one time will receive the option of one free Bio Page for the highest Rated individual.

Q.  Can a Professional or company lose the right to display the ICASP logo?

A.  Yes. An individual must stop displaying the logo at such time as their ICASP Rating is lost for lack of verification or due to a Code of Ethics issue. Please contact us for further details in the event an employee loses their Rating for a Code of Ethics issue - as the Company may be allowed to continue to use the logo but with limitations as to that individual.

Q.  How can a Professional lose their Rating for a Code of Ethics issue?

A.  ICASP understands aircraft transactions are complex and will attempt to review reasonable documentation by both sides to ascertain an individual's adherence to the Code of Ethics. However, if it is determined in ICASP's sole discretion that a Professional has been recently, substantially, involved in issues which do not adhear to the ICASP Code of Ethics, that Professional will be removed from the website without the right to display a Rating of any level as received from ICASP. Once a Rating has been lost for Ethics issues, it may not be reapplied for until 36 months from the time it is lost and reapplication does not guarantee issuance of the Rating requested.

Q.  May we reprint the ICASP Code of Ethics for our own use?

A.  In most cases we will approve reprint of the Code of Ethics, however, you (or a Company Principal) must request permission from us in writing first. We will require you to include the website name in such use. We have frame quality copies of the Code available upon request for $10.00 to cover the cost of printing and mailing.

Q.  I am a Rated Professional, how do I get a higher resolution graphic of my Rating for my marketing materials?

A.  Give us a call, or use our Contact Us page to request what you need - if you give us your name, resolution requested (approximate or type of materials you'll be using it with) and current email address, you should receive the graphic within two business days.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to use our Contact Us page to request assistance.